Where to stay in Makati Avenue when you're in budget?

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For those who want to find a budget hotel in Makati City but with quality service, especially when you are tightening your belt, I have something to tell you.

You should know about Jupiter Suites! When you're in Metro Manila and you're finding the best hotel deal for your money, then this hotel is for you! This budget hotel has a lot to offer to its guests that you wouldn't imagine. They call it "Quality Accommodation."

Here's why you I can recommend Jupiter Suites for you when you're finding a budget hotel in Makati City:
  1. Offers their guests a free airport transfer for guests staying for 2 or more nights. Now, that's a great one from a Makati Avenue hotel.
  2. It has free Internet access and breakfast for its guests. Only this budget hotel in Makati City can give you that.
  3. Has the best hotel deal among its competitors. Despite of being a budget hotel, their quality is not sacrificed.
  4. This Makati Avenue hotel is located in the financial district of Metro Manila. Easily accessible and near from the seaport and airport. Now, that's a good news!
Most of us have been finding budget hotels that don't sacrifice the quality. Only this Makati Avenue hotel gives you the best hotel deal for your money.

Just remember, when you need a best hotel deal from a budget hotel in Makati City, then go to Jupiter Suites located at 102 Jupiter Street Bel-Air, Makati City, Philippines.

You can also contact them at Tel. (632) 890.5044 to 50 or Fax (632) 890.5019.

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