A Mar Roxas-Noynoy Aquino tandem in 2010

Much has been said about this. Even before the death of former President Cory Aquino, I have been advocating for a Mar-Noynoy tandem in 2010.

Senators Mar Roxas and Noynoy Aquino are the fruits of good trees. Their team-up will be a formidable one. The tandem also gives a geographical balance with Roxas from the South and Aquino from the North.

But others, after the death of President Cory, have urged Noynoy to run for President. Now, that created a buzz on the Liberal Party on which it has been made known that Roxas will be the party's standard bearer for President. To prevent another party crack-up, Roxas and Aquino have been in talks since Sunday to iron out things and made September 9 as the date to watch.

I have been supporting Roxas since July 29, 2007 when I created this blog. For me, it's hard to give way being an avid Roxas supporter. I still believe on a Roxas-Aquino tandem.

But whenever Roxas, coming from his heart, tells his supporters to support an Aquino-Roxas tandem instead for the good of the country, then I'm for it just like what former Vice President Doy Laurel did to President Cory. As of now, I'm still pinning my hopes on the Roxas for President and Aquino for Vice President tandem in 2010.

I believe that this two persons are the exact opposite of the Arroyo administration. They have stood up against the wrong moves of this administration and will continue to do so for the good of the country. As what Manolo Quezon III said in his Philippine Inquirer article entitled The Long View: On the cusp of redemption, "the country already knows they’re the only two whom the present dispensation can’t tolerate. In that sense, they have already been redeemed."

Oras Na! Roxas-Aquino Na!

How about you? What do you think?

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