The grower of the seeds need the sower of the seeds

On endorsing a Noynoy Aquino for President and Mar Roxas for Vice President tandem in 2010, I can only put it simply this way, "the grower of the seeds need the sower of the seeds."
To you Noy, I say: I began the campaign to sow the seeds para sa pagbabago at reporma. You must now be the one to grow them in the arena of leadership.
As Roxas said that unto Aquino, it can only mean one thing to me: Roxas should be Aquino's partner in pushing for reforms. I believe that with Roxas on Aquino's side as his Vice President, we can expect that what Roxas started will be continued by Aquino.

How will the grower of the seeds find it if not for the help of the one who sowed it.

Both men are carrying the platform of the Liberal Party, putting people first. The supreme sacrifice that Roxas did was worth commending. It doesn't mean that he's a coward. Instead, it displayed his courage. Even Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo can't do it.

With Roxas endorsing Aquino for President, I am rest assured that what Roxas started will not go to waste. But Roxas hasn't indicated yet his future political plans.

What should we do?

We must convince Aquino to get Roxas as his Vice Presidential candidate and so as Roxas that we must convince him to accept the challenge. These two men are the fruits of good trees. They're the products of good leadership. They did nothing that would tarnish the good image of their forebears. Yan ang serbisyo publikong TATAK AQUINO, TATAK ROXAS!

Tuloy ang Laban! Lalaban Tayo!

Coming soon, Mar Roxas for President in 2016!

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