Someone used my name but didn't know how to spell it!

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I was informed by one of my blog readers faeriedust about a forum site wherein my name was used. The topic was all about Mar Roxas for President in 2010 but for heaven's sake, I was not the one who created that thread! He can't even spell my name correctly (the person used Kevin Rey Chu)! I also observed that the person used Cainta, Rizal as Kevin Rey Chu's location. He should know that I'm from Cebu.

It was probably that he can't associate any name other than mine to promote his own personal agenda called "MAREA FROM Heaven" which means that the next President would have a surname starting the letter "F" for "M" is for (Ferdinand) Marcos, "A" is for (Corazon) Aquino, "R" is for (Fidel) Ramos, "E" is for (Joseph) Estrada and "A" is for (Gloria) Arroyo. It predicts that the next president would carry the letter "F" and it would be (Bayani) Fernando. He advises Senator Mar Roxas not to run in 2010 because Fernando would win for President as ordered in the "MAREA FROM Heaven."

Well, that's his own thing. I don't have anything against his agenda. If he believes in that, it's up to him. I have nothing against Bayani Fernando. But what makes me outraged is that this person is using my name, and not his, in pursuing this thing. You've got to have some balls you coward!

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on November 4, 2008 at 7:22 AM  

Hi Kevin, actually the using of another person's name in pursuing another entity's agenda is not new. They've done it before, gigamit pa gayud ang akong ngalan para iduot ang ilang kandidato, sa usa ka blog nga abi nakog inosente pero murag ka-kontsaba man diay. Adto daw sa nya i-search ang Bayani Fernando sa iyang search box. You will see only one post, and then look at the comments that follow. I am quite sure these are the same people (or the same person) who are pushing the MAREA B.S.

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