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I was so early at SM City Cebu that I was strolling around the Food Court and finding other Cebu Bloggers Society members. No one was still there yet! I waited for almost an hour and Mark came. Nice! Then, a few minutes later, Clarence arrived with his digicam! Yipee! We can now take pictures of our selves... (I'm also a cam-whore!)

We decided to proceed to the Samsung Fun Club (SFC)booth, in celebration of their Samsung Fun Club Day, dedicated not just for "Samsungers" but also for non-Samsung phone users. It was a respond to the call for a service that allows phone users to maximize the capabilities of their Samsung phone. It's a global brand and it's in the Philippines since 2005.

SFC is promoting an interactive and techie lifestyle among its members. Lucky, I am now one of those together with other blogger friends of mine.

After we finished touring the booth, we were given SFC Mugs each. Nice Mug! We were supposed to proceed to the SM Northwing that time when Iggy arrived. We decided to stay and guide him to the booth. When he was done, we sat on the wide couch provided by SFC. It was for everyone's use but we made it ours! Whahahaha!

After Mark and Iggy went back to their own errands, only Clarence and I were left. After an hour, Winston, the one who invited us, arrived together with Ms. Hazel of Samsung Philippines Marketing Department. Clarence and I at that time haven't yet ate our lunch and Ms. Hazel said that she'd treat us. Kewl! I was so coy to choose the food that I want to eat. She told us to order what we like. Winston was already satiated at that time. We went back to our seat and ate our food. Then, Ms. Hazel told me that Stephanie Chua (I don't know if we're related to each other) of Samsung Philippines is coming. I hurried up eating my food and finished my list of questions to her.When Ms. Stephanie arrived, I asked her about the purpose of the event, her reaction on the people's response to the SFC, their products, and more. After all those questions, she left us for some important matters. We waited in the SM Foodcourt for about 2 hours for other bloggers to arrive, one of them was Jorich. Then came Sinjin, but had to go later for some important matters. Nick, Zigfred, Beejing, Paul, McBilly, Jerry and other bloggers came later.

Making the long story short, it was a worthwhile event for Cebu bloggers. Hope to have more events like this!

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on October 24, 2008 at 12:30 AM  

yay! nana sad ko diri! aehhehe

Kevin Ray
on October 24, 2008 at 11:57 AM  

Sikat nasad ka! Founder gud!

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