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As I was visiting the Smoketalk Blog this afternoon, I was surprised by this article, which I think is worth reading:

Heh. And I thought I was early. Kevin Ray Chua totally beat me to the punch, bitchez. Check out his Mar Roxas fan site! You have got to admire this fella. Only 17 and he’s already blazing the way in terms of campaigning on the intertubes. Comelec had better sit up and take notice of this dude. I mean, as far as I know, campaigning over the net isn’t covered by that anachronism - the Fair Elections Act.


Read it and enjoy! It really flatters me...

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Kevin Ray N. Chua

Kevin Ray N. Chua is a 19 year-old blogger from Cebu City, Philippines and an IT Student at Cebu Institute of Technology.

He is currently the Secretary General of the CIT-SSG.

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