Whatta year that was!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2008! But before we set our sights for 2008, let us look back the great and not so great moments that we had last 2007.
July 29 - I started this blog Mar Roxas for President in 2010.

August 4 - This blog, together with Peter Laviña's blog, was noticed by the Inquirer in the article "Battle looming between LP and NP for presidency in 2010" by Gil Cabacungan Jr.

August 29 - I posted an article (which I had been drafting for several days) about Senator Manny Villar's copying of Sen. Roxas' Mr. Palengke image.

August 30 - I posted an article in reaction to the offensive remarks of the Team Gordon 2010 blog about Mar Roxas.

September 4 - Team Gordon 2010 apologizes but continues to defend their presidential bet Senator Richard Gordon.

September 5 - I made an article that rebuts on allegations that Sen. Roxas has not made a stand on issues. It currently holds that record of having the most comments (6 comments) in my blog.

September 26 - I made an article that rebuts on allegations that Sen. Roxas was bastos (disrespectful) during the ZTE broadband Senate hearings.

November 6 - This blog celebrated its 100th day in the blogosphere.

November 26 - I met personally Senator Mar Roxas and several personalities (Judy Araneta-Roxas, Adel Tamano, Franklin Drilon, Kiko Pangilinan, Pong Biazon, Satur Ocampo, Etta Rosales, Enteng Romano, Leah Navarro, Jovito Salonga, Bobby Tañada, Gwen Garcia, Tommy Osmeña, Senator Roxas' Senate Staff, etc.), with the help of his Chief-of-staff Susan Ople, during the Liberal Party event at Club Filipino, San Juan City, Metro Manila.
We look forward to a prosperous 2008. I hope that this year, more and more developments about 2010 would happen. ORAS NA! ROXAS NA!

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