Roxas-Garcia or Roxas-Osmeña?

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Would it be a Mar Roxas-Gwen Garcia tandem in 2010 or a Mar Roxas-Tommy Osmeña?

Well, that's the current buzz here in Cebu after Liberal Party leaders Neric Acosta, Butch Abad and Emilio Abaya hinted a possibility of having a Cebuano as the next vice president in 2010.

Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia, whom I met during the LP National Convention last November 26, told SunStar that she and Roxas would be
more interesting as a love team rather than a political tandem—for now."

Meanwhile, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña
said, “I am the son of a presidential aspirant before Martial Law. Sergio “Serging” Osmeña was the favorite choice of the Cebuanos. I realized that (running for senator) would hurt Cebu because all those who have ambitions would hurt Cebu. That is why (there are those) who consolidated my father’s enemies. They consider my father a threat to their ambitions. So if I will aspire for national office, Cebu will suffer, SRP will suffer, and everybody will try to run amok with our projects here.”

But wait a minute, Gwen and Tommy had been in feud after the land-swapping fiasco! Would this mean that if Gwen is chosen as Roxas' VP, Tommy would withdraw his support to Roxas? Or the other way around? That's spooky!

Given the record of Cebu with 3 million plus voters, it would really determine every Philippine election on who's gonna win. Garcia and Osmeña are potential candidates but it's up to them if they would decide to run for vice president.

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