Liveblogging at the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium

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Hello everyone! I'm here at the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium doing live blogging, for the first time (thanks to fellow blogger Jose Faruggia), for SM City Cebu's free wifi launching.

5:18 PM: SM City Cebu free wifi launching just started. Paulo Varela is hosting the show.

5:22 PM: Nikki Taylor playing the disco. Fellow Cebu bloggers are here in the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium.

6:14 PM: Woot! Sinjin and Jose just won their respective prizes for the photo blogging contest.

6:32 PM: Cebu's very own band, Hardwood, is now playing. Their music is great!

6:40 PM: Thanks Ricky for letting me borrow your laptop!

7:08 PM: Finally met with my Plurk friend Luke Santillan aka Kwangulastic here in the venue. We're now on the same table.

7:16 PM: Hardwood band just wrapped up their songs. Stage now idle. Where's Paulo, the host?

7:47 PM: Kai just did me a favor. She took my meal stub and ordered my food. Thanks! I'm hungry now... but the music is still going on.

7:52 PM: Try to check out our free food! Yummy!

8:17 PM: The program ended unnoticed. The host is nowhere to be found and the crew are now packing out the instruments in the stage. Fine.

8:22 PM: Ricky's now going. I have to return the laptop.

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