No to a "Gloria Forever Constitution"!

The Arroyo Administration has alienated most of the nation because of its failure to live up to its social contract with the Filipino people to provide the country with good governance, Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas said this week.

And forcing the people to accept a “Gloria Forever Constitution” will backfire and condemn the Arroyo Administration as history’s most power-hungry and inept government, Roxas warned in a speech during the week before the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines.

This is the reason why Filipinos eagerly await the elections in 2010 rather than the impending Charter Change moves in Congress by President Arroyo’s allies who want a “Gloria Forever Constitution,” Roxas said.
We have a social contract … However, that contract is now broken. Napunit na ang kasunduang iyon. That social contract is so broken that is why so many of our kababayans feel alienated from general society and from their government, that is why so many of our youth feel detached from what is happening here in our country,” he added.
He said that instead of engaging in programs to cater to the “real” needs of the people, “the government is busy being corrupt.”
Ang gobyerno napakalaki ng kinokolekta sa ating lahat. Tapos ano nakikita natin? Iyong mga heneral nasa Europa namimili ng mamahaling relos. Itong fertilizer, imbes na fertilizer para sa palay at mais, fertilizer para sa orchids at sa foliage ang binili, overpriced na hindi pa nakarating. Iyong kontrata sa NBN-ZTE na $300million, supposed to be iwa-wire up ang bansa, napakaganda ng propaganda. Pero sa katotohanan, isang government intercom system lang pala ito,” he said.
Roxas also bewailed the government’s failure to prepare for the effects of the US-led global financial meltdown, which is slowly creeping into the Asian economy.
What is our government doing in the midst of this? Nothing. It is fixated on Chacha. So we wonder, how come the trust ratings of the government and of the leaders are so low? It’s because we have problems and yet those that have been given power to address and fix these problems are not doing so,” he added.
The Ilonggo senator said Filipinos could contribute in reforming the government by participating in the 2010 national elections.

He said voters should choose someone who has a good track record, someone sincerely interested in helping the people, and someone who has a vision for the country.
Sa darating na halalan, may pagkakataon ang sambayanan na mamili ng tamang lider. Ang lider na tapat, matuwid, ang lider na hindi mangungurakot, ang lider na may plano para sa ating bansa at ang may kakayahan para isakatuparan ang plano na iyon. Iyan ang kagandahan ng demokrasya kasi masama man ang sitwasyon natin pero regular tayo nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na mamili ng bago,” he said.

The Making of the Education President

Senator Mar Roxas' Senate Office just forwarded to me this article in PDF format about "The Making of the Education President" by Carlos Valarao. To give you an overview about the article, it talks about how the so-called "presidentiables" namely Senator Manny Villar and Senator Roxas have performed in the aspect of education legislation. And guess who won!

Below is the article which I uploaded in Scribd for easy reading:
Click here to read the article via Scribd. If it doesn't display, be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer.

Don't hesitate to share your views or comments about the article. Feel free to post your comment on this post.

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Register to Vote for the 2010 Elections!

I'm just reposting this post from the blog of the Commission on Elections-Education and Information Department called "BagongBotante.Ph"

I urge everyone especially those new voters like me to heed my call and register to vote for the upcoming 2010 elections. After all, we need to have a say on how our government should work and who should lead it. We have witnessed on how the US Election was successfully conducted with President-elect Barack Obama occupying the White House in just a matter of weeks from now.

Here's the post:

Using biometrics technology
COMELEC to resume continuing registration of voters December 2

The Commission on Elections announced today that the continuing registration of voters in all areas nationwide, except in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), shall resume beginning December 2, 2008 to December 15, 2009.

In Resolution No. 8514 promulgated November 12, 2008, the COMELEC en banc ruled to adopt the use of biometrics technology for the purpose of “establishing a clean, complete, permanent and updated list of voters.”

“Applications for registration, transfer of registration records, reactivation and changes/corrections of entries in the registration records/inclusion of registration records/reinstatement of name in the list of voters, shall be personally filed beginning December 2, 2008 to December 15, 2009 at the Office of the Election Officer (OEO) of the district/city/municipality where the applicant resides from Monday to Friday, during regular office hours at 8:00 o’clock AM to 5:00 o’clock PM,” the resolution stated.

The COMELEC will be deploying one (1) Data Capturing Machine in every Office of the City/Municipal Election Officer to facilitate the registration.

The continued use of biometrics technology in the registration process proves that the Commission is determined to purge the voters list,” says COMELEC spokesman James Jimenez, adding that this move is also part of the poll body’s efforts to ensure the success of the 2010 national and local elections.

Jimenez said any Filipino citizen who is at least eighteen years of age and a resident of the Philippines for at least one (1) year, and in the place where he proposes to vote, for at least six (6) months on or before the day of the election; may register to vote. Deactivated voters may also apply for reactivation of their registration records during the period prescribed, he said.

Filing of applications for registration shall be done personally at the Office of the Election Officer. Applicants will be required to present valid identification cards such as employee’s ID; postal ID; Students ID; Senior Citizen’s ID; Drivers License; NBI/PNP clearance; Passport; SSS/GSIS ID; IBP ID, PRC license etc. ###

I urge everyone to register to vote! Your support for Mar Roxas for President in 2010 would become useless if you, especially new voters like me, would not register to vote.

Remember, the registration of voters will be on December 2, 2008 to December 15, 2009 from Mondays to Fridays at 8:00 o’clock AM to 5:00 o’clock PM.

Yes, the deadline is still almost a year to go, but why wait for the most busy days of the registration? Register to vote early to prevent hassle.

Don't forget to share to me also your experience during the registration. If you have questions about the process, feel free to comment on this post and I'll address it. Thanks!

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To Mr. Erin Azarraga on Senator Mar Roxas' stand on Charter Change

This afternoon, I was googling (searching online) on the latest news about US President-elect Barack Obama's upcoming Cabinet selection. Then, as I was surfing in Google News about Senator Mar Roxas, I saw this article from the online edition of The News Today, a daily newspaper based in Iloilo City and circulated in the entire Western Visayas region.

A businessman from Pontevedra, Capiz named Erin Azarraga, the son of the late Atty. Edward Azarraga, urged Roxas to show his stand whether he is for or against the charter change that Malacañang is pushing.

Azarraga said that many senators seem to be "pro Charter Change" as they were instrumental to the ouster of former Senate President Manny Villar who was replaced by Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, a Malacañang ally.

I just can't get the connection on why the removal of Villar from the Senate Presidency and with Enrile on the helm would spell as a "pro Charter Change" Senate. After all, there's no such thing as "permanent" Senate President. Everyday, a Senate President will be under a threat of removal if he doesn't have the support of the majority anymore unlike in the US wherein the Vice President is also the Senate President. Another point that I have to make is that even if Enrile is the boss, the majority would still win and they are AGAINST Cha-Cha.

In my own opinion, Roxas has been AGAINST the administration's blatant attempt to remain in power beyond 2010 through Charter Change (Cha-Cha) and he has been consistent with that message. He also said that it is not a priority.

Roxas has also vowed to lead the fight against the administration's Cha-Cha. He said that it was "clearly a conspiracy in pushing for Cha-Cha, to perpetuate this administration of corruption, stealing, and lack of accountability."

It was also a clear indication that the President wants to stay in power as the Cha-Cha train is being led by her son Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel "Mikey" Arroyo in the House of Representatives.

That slip of tongue by Press Secretary Jesus Dureza in his impromptu opening prayer at last Tuesday's (Nov. 18) Cabinet meeting in Malacañang was another clear indication.

The results of the latest IBON nationwide survey conducted last October 1 to 10 shows that majority of Filipinos continue to reject moves to amend the Constitution a.k.a. Cha-Cha and I'm glad to know that Roxas is with them!

I assure Mr. Erin Azarraga that Roxas is AGAINST Gloria's Cha-Cha. But if it is the Cha-Cha of the people, he wouldn't.

How about you? Are you FOR or AGAINST the administration's Cha-Cha? Do you believe that Mrs. Arroyo is not behind the chew-chew Cha-Cha train? I want to hear from you.

Roxas to BIR: Don't be a scrooge, give full-year tax relief

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas today called on the Department of Finance not to be a Scrooge and heed minimum wage workers’ pleas for a full-year income tax exemption, pursuant to Republic Act No. 9504.
Dapat lang na ibigay na itong tax exemption. Kahit kakarampot ay maaaring magdagdag ng kaunti para sa darating na Pasko para sa kanila (This tax exemption must be given now. Even if it’s a small amount, it would help in the expenses this coming Christmas),” he said.
The Cebu city council issued a resolution last month urging the DoF and the Bureau of Internal Revenue to retroactively implement the tax exemption for minimum wage earners, a copy of which was furnished to Roxas, who was commended for pushing the tax relief measure..
In these hard times, we ought to do everything we can to be able to make life better and easier for our people,” Roxas said in a reply addressed to Hilario Davide III, Acting Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Panglungsod of the City of Cebu.

Kapag ‘di naibigay ang full-year tax exemption, P5,000 din ang kinuha ng gobyerno sa mga minimum wage earners. Maliit pero kinuha pa rin ng gobyerno (If the tax exemption will not be given, the government’s taking P5,000 away from the minimum wage earners. A small amount, but the government still took it),” he said.
Roxas has already filed with the Supreme Court a petition to compel the DoF and BIR to exempt minimum wage earners from taxes for income earned since January 1 of this year, and not only since July 6, which is when the law was made effective. He noted that the Supreme Court had previously ruled in Umali vs. Estanislao that an older tax exemption law, RA 7167, covered income taxes from the start of 1991, even though this became effective only on January 30, 1992.

Manny Villar out, Juan Ponce Enrile in

Last Monday, Senator Manny Villar was ousted as Senate President by a vote of 14-0 and was replaced by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

The "surprise Senate coup" came to me as a surprise as I was not able to watch TV and read news articles online. I only knew about it yesterday.

The following Senators voted to oust Villar. The ones with an asterisk sign (*) indicate that they voted for Villar as Senate President last July 2007, otherwise they voted for Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr.:

1. Loren Legarda
2. Ping Lacson
3. Jamby Madrigal
4. Mar Roxas
5. Rodolfo Biazon
6. Chiz Escudero*
7. Jinggoy Estrada*
8. Bong Revilla*
9. Edgardo Angara*
10. Richard Gordon*
11. Migz Zubiri*
12. Lito Lapid*
13. Gregorio Honasan*
14. Juan Ponce Enrile*

Senators Joker Arroyo*, Benigno Aquino III, Alan Peter Cayetano*, Pia Cayetano*, Majority Leader Francis Pangilinan* and Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel, Jr.* abstained from voting.

Let's face it, Senator Mar Roxas voted to oust Villar from the Senate Presidency. It was already expected that he would do it because last July 2007, he voted for Pimentel, Jr. and not for Villar as Senate President.

Villar also has some problems to face like the C-5 Road Project Scandal which he should explain. He should go under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee and deliberate whether he has committed wrongdoings or Lacson is just politicking.

If the clamor to oust Villar from the Senate Presidency was only defended by Roxas, it might not have been successful. It takes 13 votes to unseat a Senate President. It just shows that majority in the Senate wanted a change of leadership.

I am also expecting that Roxas would keep his Chairmanship in the Senate Committe on Trade and Commerce. His performance has been very good and I see no reason why he should be removed from the position.

Mar Roxas 2010 Blogger featured in Manila Bulletin!

Once again, it was an honor to be interviewed via e-mail by Annalyn Jusay of Manila Bulletin, whom I met during the DigitalFilipino.Com Club and Bloggers Cebu Networking event , after the MagTV and DYAB interview of this blogger.

Before this, I already knew her name when my friend Kuya Jehz was also interviewed in her column "Blog-O-Rama." I told Jehz that time that I was envied of him and he's already a star. But he told me that it was just luck and he was not popular. Asus! :)

Anyways, here's a link of the page so that you can read it online. Share to me your thoughts about the interview!

Roxas disgusted over Euro Generals' violations

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas yesterday expressed disgust over blatant violations of existing laws and executive directives of high-ranking police officials linked to the “Euro Generals” fund mess.

Nakakahiya ang ating kapulisan. Tahasan ang pagsuway nila sa mga batas na ginawa ng Kongreso. Hindi na sila naawa sa ating mga kababayan, pati ang perang dapat sana ay gagamitin para sa pagbili lamang ng mga intelligence equipment ay pinagplanuhan pa nilang lustayin sa Russia (Shame on our police force. They blatantly disobeyed the laws Congress crafted. They disregarded the people’s welfare, they planned to squander in Russia the funds that are to be used for the purchase of intelligence equipment),” he said during Saturday’s joint committee hearing into the scandal.
Dela Paz and other ranking police officials, including PNP chief Dir. Gen. Jesus Versoza, appeared before senators on Saturday to testify on the source of the 105,000 euros confiscated by Russian authorities from Dela Paz and his wife prior their departure after attending an Interpol meeting in Moscow.

The Ilonggo senator said the release of the 105,000 euros from the PNP’s intelligence and confidential funds was tainted with irregularity and disregard of the law, especially after Supt. Samuel Rodriguez testified that he had warned his superior, Finance Service director Chief Supt. Orlando Pestaño, that such a release violated the presidential directive governing the disbursement and expenditure of intelligence and confidential funds.
Mahirap tanggapin ang sinasabi mo.. Sinasabi mong hindi mangyayari itong iskandalong ito dahil sumusunod kayo sa reglamento. Pero mula kaninang umaga pa, lahat ng direktiba magmula sa BSP, administrative order, executive order, PNP, Napolcom, lahat ay nilabag po ninyo eh (It’s hard to accept your statement. You said this scandal shouldn’t have happened because you followed the regulations. But since this morning, we’ve found out that you’ve violated all directives from the BSP, administrative orders, executive orders, PNP and Napolcom regulations),” he rebuked Dela Paz when the latter insisted there was nothing irregular with the release of the P6.9 million (105,000 euros) from the intelligence fund to him.

Pati junior officers na nagpaalala sa inyo na mali ito, hindi ninyo pinansin. Ang sabi pa ninyo, ‘Ako na ang bahala’. Mahirap tanggapin ang sinasabi mo. Hindi talaga katanggap-tanggap ang sinasabi ninyo ngayon na biglaan ay susunod na kayo sa reglamento sa kabila ng sunod-sunod ninyong paglabag sa batas (You even ignored the warning of your junior officers that this is wrong. You even said ‘I’ll take care of it.’ It’s hard to accept what you’re saying that you’re now going to follow the regulations after repeatedly violating the law),” he stressed.

Mar Roxas 2010 Blogger featured in MagTV!

Watch this one as I was featured in ABS-CBN Cebu's MagTV last Sunday together with our group, the Cebu Bloggers Society. Together with me were Rodel, X, Clarence and Jerry.

Roxas: Esperat decision start of Ombudsman cover-up

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas rebuked Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez Saturday for dismissing the graft charges filed against former DA Undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante by slain journalist Marlene Esperat in 2003, as he expressed concern this could be the start of an official whitewash of the anomalies in the agriculture sector in the Arroyo Administration.
Ang kapalit ng pagtataksil na ito ay ang buhay ni Esperat (The price for this betrayal is Esperat’s life),” Roxas said regarding the Ombudsman’s decision this week to junk the graft charges filed by Esperat in 2003 against Bolante, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap and other DA officials in relation to a P432-million fertilizer fund that never reached farmer-beneficiaries.
He said Gutierrez has proven again public perceptions she has become a willing tool of Malacañang to cover up irregularities in the Arroyo Administration, adding he is concerned the Ombudsman will likely throw out the plunder charges against Bolante and other Arroyo officials involved in the P728-million fertilizer fund scam in 2004.
By junking the Esperat case, Ombudsman Gutierrez has again betrayed her constitutional duty to protect the people. Do we need more lives to be sacrificed before the corruption in this administration is brought to justice?” Roxas asked.
The Ilonggo senator has warned that Ombudsman Gutierrez’ inaction on major graft cases involving officials close to the First Family and their allies will intensify calls for leadership change in the government similar to the call made recently by five bishops led by CBCP President Archbishop Angel Lagdameo.

He expressed concern that the Ombudsman found no reason to prosecute those involved in the fund diversion despite Esperat’s sacrifice of her life.

Esperat was a former journalist who filed graft charges as resident Ombudsman of the DA’s Central Mindanao office against Yap, Bolante and other DA officials for their alleged involvement in a P432-million fertilizer fund diversion scheme in 2003. She was gunned down before her children in their home in Sultan Kudarat.
Ang mensahe nito sa ating lahat ay wala na tayong aasahan pang hustisya sa ilalim ng administrasyon na ito (The message here is that we should not expect justice under this administration),” Roxas said.

Roxas on Cheaper med law IRR: Now real work begins

Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas said yesterday that the real work begins to bring down medicine prices, after the signing last Tuesday of the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act No. 9502, the Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act.
One important challenge before us is to constantly keep vested interests at bay. We succeeded this far in passing the law and laying the ground for initial implementation. Those who wish to stop us will continue to find ways to keep the unjust situation of high-priced medicines,” stressed Roxas, principal author of the law, as he commended the government officials and civil society groups who were involved in the crafting of the rules for the Cheaper Medicines Law and having it signed on time.
Roxas said that for the law to have real meaningful impact in its first implementation stages, the government should allocate enough funds for it, particularly for the parallel importation of affordable medicines. He said, as part of his proposal to realign P100 billion of the 2009 budget, that at least P10 billion should be allotted on top of the budgets of various agencies implementing the Cheaper Medicines Act.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce also said he would regularly convene the Quality Affordable Medicines Oversight Committee to check how the agencies are going about the implementation of the law.

In particular, the Ilonggo senator said the Bureau of Food and Drugs must “rise to the occasion” in ensuring the quality of medicines, after the scare of melamine in food products the past two months.
Mas malaki na ang pera na hawak ng BFAD para sa pagsiguro na ligtas ang gamot sa mga masasamang bagay. Kailangan maipakita ng BFAD ang mga pagbabago na sinisimulan na nila sa ahensya. Hinding-hindi na pwede itong business-as-usual na ugali pagdating sa kaligtasan ng ating taumbayan (The BFAD now holds more money to ensure the safety of medicines. The BFAD must show their planned changes within the agency. We can no longer have the business-as-usual attitude when it comes to the safety of our people),” he said.
The Cheaper Medicines Act, among other things, seeks to:

* Strengthen competition by amending the Intellectual Property Code to:

     o Allow the “parallel importation” of patented medicines from other countries where these are more affordable;
     o Prohibit the grant of new patents based only on newly-discovered uses of a known drug substance;
     o Allow local generics firms to test, produce and register their generic versions of patented drugs, so these can be sold right upon patent expiry (“early working principle”); and
     o Allow the government use of patented drugs when the public interest is at stake.

* Give the President the power to impose price ceilings on various drugs, upon the recommendation of the Secretary of health. These drugs include those for chronic illnesses, for prevention of diseases, and those in the Philippine National Drug Formulary (PNDF) Essential Drug List;

* Strengthen the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) in order for it to ensure the safety of medicines, by allowing it to retain its revenues--roughly P150 million every year--for upgrading of its facilities, equipment and human resources; and

* Ensure the availability of affordable medicines by requiring drug outlets to carry a variety of brands for each drug—including those sourced from “parallel importation”—to give the consumer more choices.

Mar Roxas 2010 Blogger attends US Election Watch 2008 in Cebu City

The Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), which I co-founded, joined the US Election Watch 2008, organized by the US Embassy in the Philippines, in SM City Cebu's Northwing yesterday. Before I went to the event venue, I was already monitoring the US election results on CNN as early as 7AM and by past 8AM, CNN already projected that Kentucky went to (John) McCain's column while Vermont was for (Barack) Obama's.

After that projection, I hurriedly went out of the house and rode a jeepney to the event venue. When I arrived 30 minutes later, I registered (as group of the media) and got supporter pins with some election materials. I asked some people in the venue if any state was already called for any of the candidate after the Kentucky and Vermont in case I missed it, and luckily, none yet. I was glued to the large TV projector of CNN and I watched as the results came in. Then, I also accomodated my colleagues in the CBS.

The CBS members who were there included yours truly, Aldwin, AJ, X, Empress, Athan, Jerry, Clarence, Sinjin, Ethelbert, Zigfred, and Iggy (who didn't bother to enter the venue after the event was done). I never expected how curious and how politically-involved these bloggers are despite there different niches. Only of few of us dare to discuss topics like politics and elections but their participation was worthy of emulation.

Food was overflowing, information was all around and VIPs were in every corner. Finally I met GMA Cebu's Bobby Nalzaro, Mandaue Mayor Jonas Cortes, Cebu City North District Rep. Raul del Mar, Cebu City Councilor Jack Jakosalem and lot more!

When CBS members try calling me the "Mar Roxas 2010 blogger" while I was speaking with Mandaue Mayor Jonas Cortes, he asked me if it was for real. I told him "Yes Mayor." He then told me that he also supports Mar Roxas for President in 2010, which made me happy, and cited his ability to serve the country and the people. He told me that he would back Senator Mar Roxas if ever he runs for President and hope he does.

During the event, I won a gift pack for the raffle and an imported brand of coffee for the trivia. The trivia was quite simple: "Who was the first female Vice-President nominee...?" I forgot the entire text of the question but I was sure of my answer. It was Geraldine Ferraro, who was the running-mate of Democratic Presidential candidate Walter Mondale in 1984.

On the other hand, CBS members also participated in the mock polls conducted during the event using any of the 3 electronic election devices. I was envied by how fast the election results came in. The two election devices were mostly like our "lotto" system wherein you shade a circle or complete an arrow to vote for a candidate. After that, you slide it on a machine and tadaa! You're done voting! As easy as that with no dirty ink on your finger. I used the touch-screen device which was more efficient I think. With just pressing on the small circles on that candidate of your choice, you can vote in less than 1 minute! I'm looking forward that these machines would be used also in the upcoming 2010 elections here in the Philippines.

At around 12 Noon, all of us broke into excitement as CNN declares that Senator Barack Obama won the US Presidency. All of us applaused the historic moment and couldn't help having some goosebumps as America bestows its support to the first African-American leader of the world's "still" superpower. A few minutes later, Senator John McCain conceded to President-elect Obama and offered his cooperation. This is what I admire in US politics, that when someone clearly loses, he doesn't demand for a recount. He instead demands for cooperation with the winning candidate. Although their passions have separated, they're one as Americans. Let's hope that Filipino politicians would also embrace that idea.

Let's hope that Senator Roxas, if ever he decides to run for President, would learn the lessons on how Obama ran his campaign which was the best political organization in the entire US history. And also to COMELEC, let's automate the 2010 elections and hope that they can realize how disappointed our people with the electoral process.

Congratulations to US President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and kids Malia and Sasha!

Photos courtesy of Clarence.

The Freeman's editorial about Sen. Roxas

Good day everyone! I'll share to you yesterday's editorial of Cebu's The Freeman newspaper about Senator Mar Roxas call to review the oil firm's books.

Senator Mar Roxas, noting that world oil prices have dropped drastically and are now selling at below $70 per barrel, is demanding an accounting by oil companies operating in the Philippines.

This is because, as Roxas noted, the price cuts being implemented by these oil firms are not in proportion with the levels to which world oil prices have dropped. In other words, while these oil firms are cutting back on their prices, they are not cutting back enough.

Roxas, who is the chairman of the Senate committee on trade and commerce, wants these oil firms to open their books so the public can see if they are not being made suckers by greedy corporate giants.

But Roxas should not stop with a simple demand for transparency. He should initiate a probe of these companies to determine if sanctions are not in order for their making hay out of a critical situation at public expense.

It is bad enough that these oil giants grab all they can, it is worse when they do it with the thought that we cannot see through their machinations. Pretending to give P1 or P2 cutbacks when they can give P5 is corporate con artistry and must not go unpunished.

Certainly, Roxas is in a position to do something about this abusive and oppressive corporate policies. And it is better to find legislative measures to correct the situation than wait for people to reach breaking point and force them to take matters into their own hands.

And while Roxas is at it, maybe he could also try to find out what is taking the LTFRB so long to order a reduction in transport fares when, for the same reason that world oil prices have been going down steadily, transport fares should have also been cut long ago.

Roxas must remember that transport fares were allowed to go up for one reason only — that oil prices were going up. Now that oil prices have gone down, it is wrong for drivers to start invoking other factors such as prices of rice, bread, etc.

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DYAB's Jun Tariman features Cebu Bloggers Society

Yesterday, I believe, was the start of the Cebu Bloggers Society's (CBS) "getting-to-know-you" with the public.

We were in Jun Tariman's Hi-Tech Ta Bai program to promote blogging to the people and also our group. It was a free flowing discussion with topics about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to blogging tidbits. Together with me totalk about those things were Clarence, Empress, X, Sinjin and Zenia.

I just hope that there would be more venues that our group will be exploring to promote blogging and build a strong blogging organization here in Cebu. By the way, below is a picture of the CBS members who went for the interview with Jun Tariman.

Photo courtesy of X

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Cotabato's SP supports Senator Roxas' draft bill

The draft Mindanao Land Conflict Settlement Commission of Senator Mar Roxas immediately garnered the full support of the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of North Cotabato.

In Resolution No. 469, the North Cotabato legislators stated that the establishment of the commission is a concrete, culture-sensitive mechanism to address this problem (land dispute) and eventually pave the way for peaceful co-existence among Muslims, Christians and the Tribal people in Mindanao.

However, the SP members recommended an amendment to Section 8 of Senator Roxas bill which will establish the headquarters in Kidapawan City instead of Davao City.

Representatives Emmylou Mendoza and Bernardo Pinol. Jr of the first and second districts of Cotabato province respectively are requested to file similar bill in the lower house.

Get Involved!