Sen. Roxas will be in Leyte!


Senator Mar Roxas is scheduled to arrive in Tacloban City early morning of Sunday, September 30 in order to give the inspirational message in two separate Alay Lakad Programs, one in Tacloban City, the other one in Tanauan, both in the province of Leyte.

Senator Roxas will first proceed to Tanauan, Leyte to give his message in the annual Alay Lakad activity of the municipality which is for the benefit of the out of school youth of the municipality.

Mayor Tiu said that the funds derived from the annual Alay Lakad are used for the skills training of the out of school youth so that they could engage in productive economic activities. The municipality accounts for so many success stories regarding the proper use of Alay Lakad funds, Mayor Roque Tiu revealed.

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"Nobody is taking responsibility for approval of a project" - Roxas


Senator Mar Roxas on Wednesday chided executive officials for not following a clear process in the approval of public-funded projects, particularly the National Broadband Network project.
"After hearing the testimonies of Cabinet members, I am alarmed at how nobody is taking responsibility for approval of a project whose scope falls under several agencies, thus requiring a coordinated approach to policy design and implementation," said Roxas, chairman of the Senate committee on trade & commerce jointly hearing the Senate probe on the NBN deal.

"How did we get this far that $330 million is going to be borrowed? How did we get this far that we now have Senate hearings?" the Senator said at yesterday's hearing.
He lamented that even the Government Procurement Policy Board would not claim jurisdiction over the NBN deal, on the basis of the project being an 'executive agreement.'


Was Sen. Mar Roxas "bastos" on Senate probe?

In Boo Chanco's DEMAND AND SUPPLY column last September 21, 2007 entitled "ZTE scandal more dangerous than Garci", he commended Senator Mar Roxas. This is what he said:
"Sen. Mar Roxas should be commended for asking the most incisive and relevant questions during last Tuesday’s hearings, using very clear language. Sen. Roxas demolished the assertion of the former Chairman of the Commission on Information Technology and Communication (CICT) that the broadband project is going to deliver savings for the government.

Sen. Roxas got the former bureaucrat to admit that the savings figure he was using was provided by DOTC Secretary Mendoza which he has not verified himself. Back of the envelop computations of Sen. Roxas showed the figure was wrong. Garbage In, Garbage out, Sen. Roxas declared."
Indeed, the questions that Sen. Roxas made were "incisive" and "relevant" and it helped us to fully understand why we need to establish a National Broadband Network through an anomalous deal with China. Others may have misinterpreted his style of questioning. I have read a forum post saying that Sen. Roxas was "bastos" (impolite, harsh) when he was questioning DOTC (Department of Transportation and Communications) Assistant Secretary Lorenzo Formoso. With that style of questioning, he was able to pressure Asec. Formoso to explain the deal clearly. Here are the excerpts of Sen. Roxas' query on Asec. Formoso and DOTC Sec. Leandro Mendoza:
MAR: There are only 1,500 or 1,600 [fifth and sixth class] municipalities, so ilan kaya dito ang wala pang access? Sinasabi ni Mr. Formoso ang siyang isa sa pinakamahalagang dahilan kung bakit gagastos tayo ng 15 billion para maabot nga itong mga ito.

Formoso: Ah sir, I will submit the numbers and the list, your honor.

MAR: It is only 1,500, is it 30, 50, 60, 100, 1000?

Formoso: I won't be speculating sir. I will give you a breakdown first?

MAR: Ang galing mo dumepensa nito, Attorney Formoso. Ngayong tinatanong ka ilan ho ba itong gusto mong silbihan nitong broadband na ito, nakalimutan mo, hindi mo alam? Ano ba ito? It is only 1,500, is it 5, 10, 100? It is so notable a number that the entire government machinery is here to defend this deal supposedly to reach the fourth, fifth and sixth municipalities that don't have telco access.

My question is very simple, there are more or less 1,500 municipalities, how many of them do not have telco access at the present whether by landline, cellphone, satellite or whatever?

Formoso: I don't have that number sir?
At least, Sen. Roxas was able to prove that the NBN deal was impractical. The DOTC can't even assess the practicality of the project. No one was even tasked to assess the cost of the tools to be used in the project to easily determine if there was overpricing.
Others call it GRANDSTANDING, we call it MAKING A STAND. Sen. Roxas is doing this so that the people would know on where he stands on this issue. Let's take the argument of his critics. They say that he's doing this because he has his own personal motives. Even if it would be true that his personal motives told him to do so, should we ignore seeking the truth? If you say yes, then what would happen to our society and to our government?
Again, it's not GRANDSTANDING, it's called MAKING A STAND.

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Statement of Sen. Roxas on the ZTE Suspension

"I strongly recommend cancelling the contract altogether. This is not our priority and of limited use only, exclusively for government. It's not transparent, thus possibly overpriced, overdesigned. I know that our friendship and historic ties with China are strong enough to withstand and overcome this controversy."

"The Palace decision will not impair or derail our hearings because these are held in aid of legislation so that such odious transactions will not happen again. As co-chair of these joint hearings, I will still press for the submission of annexes of the contract so we can scrutinize the nuts and bolts of this agreement. We also need to hear the side of Chairman Abalos and other cabinet officials who publicly expressed willingness to attend the forthcoming hearings. Our people deserve nothing less than a full explanation of all these matters."

Roxas' exposé on OFW trafficking confirmed by Cimatu

After Senator Mar Roxas exposed the alleged OFW trafficking in Iraq by the "First Kuwait International", Special envoy Roy Cimatu and Foreign Affairs Undersecretaries Esteban Conejos Jr and Rafael Seguis had confirmed that indeed, the OFW trafficking exposé was in existent.
The unabated recruitment of Filipino workers to Iraq, despite the government’s deployment ban, is alarming, especially since they are being made to work long hours under extremely stressful conditions," Roxas said.
Senator Roxas has urged the Department of Labor and Employemnt (DOLE) to look into the continued recruitment of Filipino workers by such firms as First Kuwaiti International after his exposé was confirmed by no less than the Department on Foreign Affairs.

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How much are our 2010 Presidentiables (except the VP)?

Here's the current amount of our 2010 Presidentiables (The Senators Leagues and except VP Noli De Castro) based on their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.

1st Placer... Manny Villar - P921.4 million
After all, as what I and Peter Laviña agree, MONEY can't make MANNY VILLAR President. He's might be generous, but he's stingy.

2nd Placer... Jamby Madrigal - P148.9 million
She's silent on her 2010 plans. She might run for President... who knows?

3rd Placer... Mar Roxas - P140.3 million
No question after all. Having the Araneta and Roxas on his side. He's truly the man to beat this 2010.

10th Placer... Loren Legarda - P41.4 million
No. 1 sa Senado might not be No. 1 sa Malacañang race at all.

13th Placer... Chiz Escudero - P7.4 million
A young and promising one. I am a Team Chiz member but I think it's too early for him to run for President. Maybe, he should run VP nalang.

16th Placer... Ping Lacson - P25.8 million
His 2nd try might make him in the 3rd place again...

17th Placer... Dick Gordon - P25.6 million
If Dick Gordon is indeed running, he should save for the rainy seasons. A presidential campaign is very costly in the Philippines.

Here's a logical explainer of the 2010 Presidentiables net worth. Have fun!:

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My answer to a comment

This is reaction to Mr. Manny's comment on my post "Palengke Tours & Joey-Willie Clash." Before I rebut his comment, here is the text of Mr. Manny's comment:
"Honorable Kevin Ray Chua,
Press Secretary of Mar Roxas


Bay, halatang batang bata ka pa talaga at masyado kang nagpapaniwala sa propaganda ng idol mo.

Baka naman sabihin mo na nung tumakbo si Mister Palengke nung 2004 eh mababa talaga ang presyo ng mga bilihin at nagmura ang mga gamot.

Para sabihin ko sa iyo, at baka gaya ng idol mo eh hindi ka masyadong nakakapunta sa palengke, mahal po ang bilihin nuong 2004 at lalong mas mahal ngayon.

Sige, kanta ka na ng hoy hoy hoy!
Thanks a lot for your comment Mr. Manny and thanks for making me as an Honorable Press Secretary of Senator Mar Roxas although I'm still a college student.

I think, he reacted on my statement wherein I said:
"A person might say that he's a good Senator because he's really going to the markets and seeing whether the basic commodities' prices are stable..."
What I really mean is that, he's been doing this palengke (market) tours since he was a DTI Secretary. It's not an assurance that when he visits a market, the prices of the basic commodities will go down. He is there to monitor the prices and see if these products are in a reasonable prices during the time of his visit or not. When he sees that some products have increased there prices, he would immediately trace the source of it. It might be from a typhoon, a disaster, oil price hike, new tax measure, or just overpricing.

Again, thanks for making me the press secretary of Senator Mar Roxas... LOL!

Roxas urges Arroyo to pardon Estrada


Senator Manuel “Mar" Roxas II on Monday filed a resolution urging President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to pardon former President Joseph Estrada on “humanitarian grounds."

In Resolution No. 135, Roxas said Estrada, 70, has been detained for more than six years, during which the ousted leader showed “remarkable humility."

Roxas said Estrada “is entitled to live the rest of his life quietly and in peace with members of his family."

The Sandiganbayan special division on September 12 found Estrada guilty of plunder and sentenced him to reclusion perpetua, or imprisonment of up to 40 years.

Roxas filed his resolution even as Estrada’s camp ruled out pardon as an option for the deposed President.


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Mar Roxas alarmed by ZTE's record

Senator Mar Roxas is alarmed by the news reports that ZTE Corporation, the Chinese group that the government has agreed to have a contract with establishing a national broadband in the Philippines' government agencies. He wants to have a deeper probe on the ZTE deal amid spying claims from France, US, UK and Germany. He said that if ZTE Corporation would control the government's database, our country would be in a serious trouble, as what the news report said that the German government's database was hacked by no less than, ZTE Corporation.

Here are the news reports which involved ZTE in spying claims:
He even fears that the ZTE broadband deal may end up like the Bataan Nuclear Plant, a promising project but surrounded by lots of irregularities.
"Why honor a contract that has been overwhelmingly rejected by those meant to benefit from it, by those paying for it – the people?" Roxas said on the lost government contract with Chinese firm ZTE Corp.

Emil Jurado on Mar Roxas

Here's a part of Emil Jurado's article in the Manila Standard Today wherein he said the Senator Mar Roxas "has the edge over the others insofar as public perception is concerned." Try to read this and

"Among the presidential aspirants for 2010, I’d say that Senator Mar Roxas has the edge over the others insofar as public perception is concerned. First, he has an organization and the Liberal Party to support him. Second, his image as “Mr. Palengke,” and his being no. 1 senator in the 2004 polls give him that edge.

People may not know it, but had Mar wanted to be Senate President, he could have been so. The position was offered to him when the alliances in the Senate were not yet firmed up.

But Mar declined the offer since he did not want to be perceived as having allied himself with the administration. That’s the reason he opted to be with the minority of eight oppositionists.

I like Mar not because of Korina Sanchez, who I admire as a broadcaster, but because of his background—he was, after all, secretary of Trade and Industry—and more importantly, his integrity and independence."

Indeed, Mar Roxas has the upper hand in this upcoming 2010 elections! Though, public perception should not always replace performance and track record.

If ever it was really true that Senator Roxas would have aimed for the Senate Presidency, it would have been better having a great track record in the House of Representatives, Department of Trade and Industry and in the Senate, but I know Senate President Manny Villar would not give way because he wants to make his position as a starting point of his presidential ambition.

Add Mar Roxas 2010 in Friendster

If you have a Friendster account, please add our official Friendster profile at and our e-mail address is

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Invite Mar Roxas to your place!

With the help of Eventful.Com, you can now invite Senator Mar Roxas to come to your place in collaboration with this blog! Isn't that great? So, what are you waiting for? Demand Senator Roxas NOW!!!

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Roxas, underwhelmed by JPEPA hearing

Sen. Mar Roxas, the Senate Trade committee chairman, was "underwhelmed" by the JPEPA hearing last September 14. This is what he said:

"I am 'underwhelmed' by the presentation of the government that, to my estimate, kung ngayon ang botohan ay di papasa ang (if voting was held today, it would not pass) JPEPA (Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement)."

Roxas told the Department of Trade and Industry and other key government agencies to provide a clearer and more definitive presentation of JPEPA’s benefits and its detriments to the country not only for the trade aspect but also to the other element of the treaty such as investments, labor and environment.

"All negotiations are all about give and take, and it is the government's duty to make its case here. Since they negotiated the treaty, they ought to know the data and provide us with the big picture of this give-and-take," he said.
He added that sectors to be affected must be identified and that the necessary measures to mitigate the suffering of these sectors must be threshed-out.

"Nais nating maunawaan talaga ito, kung ano ang benepisyo sa atin kumpara sa benepisyo na makukuha naman ng bansang Hapon. Marahil ay malinaw sa kabilang panig kung ano ang interes nila sa agreement na ito. Ano naman ang maliwanag na pambansang interes natin? Ito ang inaasahan naming masagot ng ating mga trade negotiators (We really want to understand this, on what the benefits are to us compared to benefits Japan will get. Maybe the other side is clear what their interests are. What then is our national interest? We were expecting these to be explained by our trade negotiators)" Roxas said.

Roxas wants to strengthen drug importation system

Senator Mar Roxas is seeking to find ways on how to strengthen the existing system on the drug importation program as he believes that all efforts to provide the poor Filipinos with quality, affordable medicines have been hampered by the overly stringent patent system in the country, which he said makes for a less competitive environment.

He said this was what had been established during yesterday's joint public hearing conducted by the Senate committees on Trade and Health, with state firm Philippine International Trading Corp. (PITC) still facing law suits from big pharmaceutical companies in its program for the importation of more affordable medicines abroad.

But he also noted the success of the PITC's parallel importation program in bringing quality and affordable medicines to the Philippines resulting in savings from consumers who buy from the government's Botika sa Barangay outlets.


Senator Roxas' statement on the Erap Verdict

“Nalulungkot ako at nakikiisa kay Pangulong Erap at sa kanyang pamilya. Sana ang hatol na ito ay hindi lubhang makaapekto sa karamdaman ng kanyang mahal na ina na si Doña Mary.

“I served under President Erap as his Trade Secretary. Throughout that time, not once did he ask me to do something indecent or irregular. And for that, he has earned my deepest respect, despite all that has happened.

“I shall do all I can can to extend my personal and moral support to President Erap in his appeal. Knowing Erap, this verdict will not derail him from helping the poor and giving voice to their afflictions. His legacy as the champion of the masses remains safe and secure in the hearts of millions of his friends and supporters.”

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Roxas: Jail ponzi scamers

Sen. Mar Roxas said the Senate Committee on Trade will conduct an inquiry today on the reported $250-million worth of investments in PIPC Corp. that has gone down the drain, victimizing Filipinos.

The victims were supposedly enticed to invest at least P1.8 million on the promised earnings of 12 percentat least P200,000a year. Who would not be allured by this guaranteed windfall? he said in a press release.

Roxas called for strict government action so scam perpetrators can be sent to jail.

The committee, which Roxas chairs, will be tackling two Senate resolutions on the matter filed by Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Loren Legarda. The Senate Committee on Banks will also be part of the inquiry.


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Palengke Tours & Joey-Willie clash

This is in response to columnists Ramon Tulfo of the Inquirer and Erwin Ambo Delilan of Sunstar Bacolod on their respective columns that tackled about the what they call "early campaigning" of Senator Mar Roxas.

In his column in the Inquirer with the topic
Mar Roxas’ early campaigning , Mr. Tulfo said:
"Will somebody tell Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II the 2010 presidential election is still three years down the road?

He’s much too early in the campaign trail. Masyadong nagmamadali, making him look like an eager-beaver kid.

Just so voters will not forget him, Roxas went to visit the public market in Baguio City to apparently remind market-goers and vendors that he’s still “Mr. Palengke.”

The grandson and namesake of the illustrious President Manuel Roxas has invited two warring TV comedian-hosts, Willie Revillame and Joey de Leon, to the august halls of the Senate.

The purported reason for the invitation is to shed light on the supposedly P2-million “Wowowee” game show scandal.

Aw c’mon, Mr. Senator, we know the real reason. Only those who were born yesterday wouldn’t know your reason for initiating the Senate investigation of the alleged game-show scandal: Publicity mileage."

Actually, Mr. Tulfo is just like what everybody's thinking. The people may have been interpreting Sen. Roxas acts as "early campaigning" but he's doing it in accordance with his job as Senator. The presidential ambitions and the people's perceptions of Sen. Roxas may have overshadowed his job as Senator. What he does today may mean different to others. A person might say that he's a good Senator because he's really going to the markets and seeing whether the basic commodities' prices are stable while his critics say that he's just doing it for the sake of popularity. Let's face it, Sen. Roxas has already been a Senator for 3 years and he's doing this before (the palengke [market] tours.) It just now that other people have start noticing him because 2010 is just 3 years away. I think you, Mr. Tulfo, was the one born before the election of Mar Roxas as Senator!

On the other hand, in his column in Sunstar Bacolod entitled
Delilan: Waste of time!, Mr. Delilan said:
"With so many, many problems that the country is facing right now, I can’t imagine Senator Mar Roxas taking a move to investigate the Wilyonaryo brouhaha that involves the country’s famous “playboy” Willie Revillame, host of ABS-CBN’s noon time show.

Maybe Senator Roxas has a noble intention in his desire to probe the case of what ABS-CBN described as a “technical glitch” committed by the technical men of Wowowee that led to the brouhaha.

But the way I judge Roxas’ move is “politically motivated.”

But I think it’s too early for a political Showtime if Roxas really aims to run for President in 2010.

Yes, it can’t be denied that Roxas topped the Senate race in 2004 because of his “Mr.Palengke” TV ads.

He captured the masses by projecting himself as real “Palengke” man, but later can’t even be seen in the palengke.

Now that Wowowee is one of the famous variety shows on TV plus that Joey de Leon of Eat Bulaga! is the “accuser”, it’s as if Roxas would like to ride on the popularity of two shows and their equally famous hosts.

But the question is: is Roxas determined to conclude whatever probe he would initiate in this Wilyonaryo?

If his action is only meant for a show, then I think Roxas should stop making an early gimmick.

I suggest that instead he should focus himself to other “meaty” issues confronting the country such as the controversial broadband deal between ZTE and the government, the country’s ballooning population, the hanging barangay and SK elections, among others with national concerns.

Let Willie Revillame and Joey de Leon “clash” on TV and let the viewers judge who between them is honest. After all, the two are raking millions of pesos out of their hosting ability even if they are controversial.

If Roxas will focus on the Willie-Joey tiff, then it’s obvious that he has only something in mind – and that’s to make an early campaign. What a waste of time!"
Sen. Roxas stepped-in to this issue so that these "alleged" cheating in game shows would not happen anymore and it is a part of Roxas' advocacy of consumer protection. If ever there was really that "alleged" cheating, would we just left it behind. With the MTRCB denying that it is not in their responsibility to investigate on this game shows and DTI that they only have jurisdiction on raffles and not on game shows (but later admitted that they are also responsible of game shows.)

In what Mr. Delilan said that Joey and Willie should instead be left having face-off in television, what are you to say that? So, you are happy when they're fighting on national television? Should someone be moderating these 2 personalities? It would just intensify the "ratings war" of this stations.

Sen. Roxas is not using the popularity of Joey and Willie and his palengke tours to boost his popularity. He has the people's trust, which he is grateful of, and I believe that he will also have it in 2010.

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Mar Roxas made a stand

Others have been questioning Senator Mar Roxas' stand on the issues. Others say that Senator Mar Roxas is very vocal and visible only now that the 2010 elections is fast approaching. Others even question, "where was Mar Roxas during 2004-2007?." I want to set the record straight.

Since his election as Senator of the Republic in 2004, he has been touted as a presidentiable by a lot of people and not only by his LP Partymates. As Senator serving his first half of his 6-year term (2004- 2007), he had made a STAND on the different issues of our country contrary to what others say. I think others may have not been listening too much from Sen. Roxas before than now as the 2010 polls comes closer.

Try reading these news articles (which I sorted by YEAR) so that you would know what Mar Roxas was doing and what STAND he made on this issues.
Senator Roxas made a STAND by nudging BIR to help gov't recover Major General Carlos Garcia's 'tainted' assets, expressing his concern over imposing new taxes and implementing another increase on Napocor rates, revealing the P84 billion revenues that are lost because of smuggling, introducing commercial line fishing, seeking rewards to whistle blowers, welcoming the government's decision to expropriate the NAIA 3, telling the people about the massive proliferation of fake medicines, favoring a 50% cut on pork barrel, and many more. That's for 2004 alone...

In 2005, he made a STAND by asking the SC to stop the EVAT implementation on gas and power to avert a price increase,
pushing for the compulsory licensing of the bird flu drug Tamiflu as a "calibrated preemptive response (CPR)" against a possible pandemic, insisting National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales to give the full details of the government deal with the US lobby group Venable LLP, appealing for support of dollar-earning industries, expressing lamentation on the excessive cost of medicines, supporting the NTC order on VoIP calls, opposing the proposal to grant emergency powers to President Arroyo in an apparent bid to avert the emerging oil crisis, protecting the call center workers, investigating on the proliferation of substandard colleges and universities that produce graduates with dismal passing rates in professional licensure and eligibility examinations, supporting the use of biofuels, suggesting to adopt measures to protect credit card data systems from thieves, lauding the SC for its decision on stopping the government on paying to PIATCO, and many more.

In 2006, he made a STAND by calling on all sectors to focus on job generation, pushing for DepEd supplemental budget, urging the government to help new graduates seek jobs, asking the DTI to monitor closely the basic commodities' prices, expressing his point of view on the Marines' rebellion, expressing his concern over "the rising tide of human rights abuses", urging the Congress to create an Office of Trade Representative, telling that stock surge may not necessarily mean that the economy is improving, support DepEd Secretary Lapus' program, calling a reintegration program for displaced OFWs during the Lebanon crisis, expressing support of the President's move on the nursing board exams retake, stepping into the abduction of students, urging the youth to use people power for good governance, reiterating that the true LP is the Drilon-wing, pushing the passage of the 2006 national budget, lashing out the Securities and Exchange Commission for sitting the case of pre-need companies, probing the quality of broadband services, and many more.

This 2007 alone, he has made a STAND by filing a bill that would give stiff penalties to SSS law violators, questioning the ZTE deal, calling an investigation on the Wowowee controversy, calling a resumption of the NPA peace talks, probing the Hello Garci scandal, calling on the executive to work on JPEPA, criticizing the relaxed tourist visa policy, calling the abrupt hike in PUV tax unfair, questioning the transfer of PCGG to DOJ, exposing the kidnapped Filipino workers for labor in Iraq, and counting...

As what Estelle had comment on this post, she said:
I completely agree with your post.

Just because he's not the noisy, controversial (read: pala-away) type of politician, doesn't mean he's not doing his job. It does not mean that he's not fighting for us and our interests.

If anything, he has more time and energy to fight for our interests in the only arena that matters, in the only arena that translates to tangible benefits for the people: the congress!

If only more people can see beyond political theatrics and look at actual work done, I bet they'd have no doubt that Mar Roxas is the only acceptable contender for 2010.
Sen. Roxas is not a type of always-"papansin" politician, he's a SILENT but WORKING STATESMAN. As what I had said, I don't agree that Sen. Roxas is not making a STAND. He has been making a STAND since he was a Congressman, as DTI Secretary and as Senator now. You may not have been listening to him when 2010 wasn't still in the air!

Is Mar Roxas campaigning already for 2010?

When Senator Mar Roxas was in Baguio City, everyone thought that he was already campaigning for 2010! There was the old campaign jingle being played, banners were all around, and a woman also announced him as "our future President."

Sen. Roxas denied that he was campaigning early for 2010. This is what he said:
That’s part of the enthusiasm of locals. Nagbabantay naman tayo ng presyo, kasama sa trabaho natin yan [We monitor the prices, that’s part of our job],” he said.
Indeed, it's true. Sen. Roxas has not yet announced his 2010 presidential bid, but the enthusiasm of the people for him is alive and vibrant!

Team Gordon apologizes

In their blog and comment to our post entitled Why Mar Roxas refuses to talk about his 2010 plans, the Team Gordon 2010 has issued an apology and explanation. Here's the complete text of it:

Hi Kevin,


Team Gordon admires your stand on an issue as crucial as the next presidency and your commitment to informing people about someone whom you believe will be truly right for the job. It is a noble commitment to think about your country's future and it is commendable that you are doing something to do what you think is best for your country.

If you will permit us, let us make our position clear.

There are those who dig at Roxas for being cautious in committing to one side or another of an issue. There are those who chide Roxas for keeping his positions on issues, including his bid for the Presidency, close to his chest or at least, indiscernible. On one hand, this keeps people wondering what he'll say or do -- becoming fodder for speculations which sometimes get played up in the media. On the other, even his supporters and followers urge him to make his position known. Some, with or without his 'go ahead', take positions for him and so he has the leeway to maneuver. (Depending on how you see it, his LP partymates were the ones who declared their support for him, if he runs for President -- declaring him as the frontrunner or standard bearer. Almost as if it was an attempt to create an impression that there is a clamor for him to run. And there is such a clamor, as much as there is a clamor for Loren, Noli, Ping, Manny Villar, and even Erap.)

This non-commitment is one thing about his character, which is neither good or bad in the grand scheme of politics (as nothing in politics is really good or bad in the moral sense), but is something we are not comfortable with. Is it a sign of weakness on his part or is it a sign of strength? I guess that will depend on the stand he finally takes, if he takes one.

In contrast, people take a dig at Dick Gordon for the stands he takes and he has a stand on a lot of things. This is something you have to expect of someone who is comfortable with being an Executive.

When he was mayor of Olongapo, he took a stand against moves to end the US bases treaty when the call of the times (the call of recently awakened Nationalism) was to end the treaty that was the lifeblood of Olongapo as well as other provinces in Region 3. He took a stand in insisting that Subic Bay be given a freeport status. He took a stand when he batted for Philippine tourism on the global stage, despite a laughable budget for tourism promotions... despite travel advsiories against the Philippines because of SARS and terrorism... Olongapo rose from the US bases pull out and rose from the ashes of Pinatubo... Subic Bay became tourism and investment destination... Philippine tourism experienced true resurgence, with international tourist arrivals growing every year...

A few days ago, he took a meaningful stand on the situation in Basilan and Sulu after he visited those provinces as Red Cross Chairman. He said people should stop calling Basilan, Sulu, and other areas in Mindanao as War Zones. He recommended for the DTI to start marketing agricultural produce from Basilan and Sulu, he advocated tourism promotion for those areas, he called for national government to beef up basic and social services to these islands. Invest in peace, he said. Perhaps only daring and compassion can put an end to decades old violent conflict. To be daring and compassionate, you have to take a stand.

Just today, he has taken a stand on the issue of whether or not to postpone barangay and SK elections, saying that he'll only consider postponing these elections if it will be automated. This is a stand he took when he filed the Automated Elections bill and worked to get it passed. He fought for its implementation during the 2007 elections and continues to fight for its implementation so that we can finally end problems like 'Hello Garci'... Making investigations future investigations into the 'wire tap controversy' unnecessary.

Leaders rise and fall on the stands they make... Without a stand, you cannot lead...
You can choose to publish this comment and if not, we'll understand.

Team Gordon 2010
And actually, I published their comment. In their blog, I also sent my comment on their response on that issue and here's what I said:

Greetings of peace to TEAM GORDON 2010!

I would like to express also my deep regret for taking the issue seriously in a satiric blog. When I was reading on your comment, it was like an offense not only against Mar Roxas but to his supporters. I had already posted your comment on the "controversial post" and I already accepted your apology.

We have diverse beliefs on who should be in Malacañang by 2010, but we have a common vision, and that is to help our compatriots choose the right leader that would lead our motherland. You're for Dick Gordon and I'm for Mar Roxas.

We're in a democratic country that's why it's hard to achieve unity. We respect each other's views and there's nothing wrong with that. I hope that we would not resort into smearing campaign because we are all Filipinos.

I was just concerned on the Senators or any other people out there who have presidential ambitions because they can't perform their functions properly. Anything they will do would be viewed as early campaigning. That makes me concerned actually.

I hope that this issue would now come to rest. We are the pioneers of the 2010 presidential elections Blogging campaign! BTW, I had already linked your site to the Philippine 2010 elections in Wikipedia.

Once again, PEACE!


Mar Roxas 2010 Blogger

Your campaign, Team Gordon 2010, is now on the roll. Dick Gordon has already expressed his interest on the Presidency, but Mar Roxas has still not. I had already talked with Mar Roxas but he not yet said to me that he is indeed running. What I'm doing here is based on my own and those who are for Mar Roxas as President in 2010. If he decides to run, then it would be great. If not, then it's OK!

Roxas tells Arroyo gov't to stop smuggling


Senator Manuel Roxas II took a jab at President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s recent announcement of a rosy economy by scoring the government's failure to curb vegetable smuggling.

Roxas, who visited the vegetable trading post here on Sunday, said the government's claim of progress was suspect since cases of smuggling and other indicators showed a different picture of the economy.

"Smuggling must stop because even if the BPI (Bureau of Plant Industry) and DA (Department of Agriculture) would not allow smuggling, if those vegetables are really smuggled, they will really come in," he said.

Roxas said if the government is serious in helping vegetable and rice farmers, it must stop smuggling because the problem has hurt local industries.

"Smuggling must be stopped and it is possible to stop it," he said. "Let's not depend on press releases and speeches. We should do what must be done."

Roxas said a serious bid to stop smuggling is an example of "putting your money where your mouth is."

Arroyo last Thursday said the country's gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 7.5 percent during the second quarter this year, the country's highest growth in 20 years.


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Roxas questions ZTE deal


Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II is questioning the Arroyo administration’s undue haste in forging a $1.8-billion loan deal with China for several big-ticket projects, including the controversial $329-million national broadband network deal with ZTE Corp. of China.

Contrary to the position of the Department of Finance, it is highly unusual for the government to enter into a blanket loan with China Export-Import Bank without defining what this loan is for,” said Roxas in a statement.

In our history, the government has been littered with rushed and secret contracts that have only resulted in disputes and abuse. Now we are signing a P90 billion loan agreement for a project whose contract we have yet to see and which obviously was the result of political lobbying rather than public interest,” he said.
Finance Secretary Margarito Teves signed a $400-million credit line with executives of China Export-Import Bank which pushed the country’s Chinese credit line to $1.8 billion.

The new credit facility is likely to be used to bankroll ZTE’s contract to establish a broadband network for the government. The project was initially pushed as a build, operate and transfer project at no cost to the government.


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